• Clear acrovyn corner guards used in hotel hallway by Impact Specialties

  • Acrovyn corner guards by Impact Specialties

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Impact resistant wall protection systems, designed to keep your facility looking as good in two years as it did on opening day. With our award winning Acrovyn, you can protect your space from the damage that comes from consistent heavy traffic. Acrovyn wall protection is available in a variety of coordinating colors, simulated woods, metals and other natural materials.

  • Acrovyn won’t curl, crack or chip like typical wall covering
  • Full creative palette includes solid colors, Chameleon patterns, real woods, and Imagitect custom designs
  • PVC-free Acrovyn contains no halogens, monomers or other known PBTs
  • Applications include: walls, columns, cart corrals, fixtures, back of house and anywhere else you need wall protection.
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Wall Covering

Acrovyn Wall Covering is available with custom graphics, 68 standard colors, 24 patterns, and 16 textures to match any interior...

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Wall Panels

Wherever your space is likely to suffer from impact damage, Acrovyn Panels can provide a strong aesthetic and protective solution.

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Corner Guards

Keep corners damage free from a myriad of hazards.

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Bumper Guards

Bumper guards add an extra level of protection in isolated high impact areas.

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Crash Rails

Engineered to protect against the most forceful of impacts, Our Crash Rails are available in our solid Acrovyn colors, Chameleon...

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